Hello world!

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9 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Sbd Hoopster Says:

    not nice blog you should do CLUBPENGUIN CHEATS !

  2. zack Says:

    Does antone have a webkinz that I can have?

  3. centar9 Says:

    BYRCE! ITS ROBERT MARTIAL REMBER ME FROM SCHOOL ANYWAY go to http://www.centar9.wordpress.com and summit a comment it has really awesome cheat like for excample how to tip the iceburg or how to go to the past or future in club penguin so go to http://www.centar.wordpress.com byrce PLZ GO ON A SOON AS U SEE THIS NOTE AND DROP BY AND SAY HI put in some cheats but some dont work p.s. i have every single cheat in club penguin bye

  4. pugot Says:

    wht do u mean put myself in the game how 2 take a pic? do u mean tht answer me at http://www.pugot.wordpress.com

    keep it cool…

    pugot 😉

  5. nuribruner Says:

    F u i want that username! i im a yo-yoer (no Kidin)

  6. iano10 Says:

    This is a horrible blog.

  7. GrassyKnight Says:


  8. El Master 7 Says:

    Que feo este blog!!

  9. El Master 7 Says:

    que asco

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